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Our Community Relationships

Empowered Financial Planning in Practice:

Stratz & Company is committed to putting our values into action by doing good work for our clients and contributing to our community. We believe that education and music inspire and make for kinder, more joyful people. And we believe that happy, motivated, curious people make the world a better place. We support the following organizations, financially as well as through first-hand involvement.

Camerata Pacifica

“Camerata Pacifica’s mission is to affect positively how people experience live performances of classical music. The organization will engage our audience intellectually and emotionally by presenting the finest performances of familiar and lesser-known masterworks in venues that emphasize intimacy and a personal connection with the music and musicians.”

Stratz & Company is delighted to sponsor Camerata Pacifica. The musicians’ joy in their craft is contagious! You can find Tim and Charlotte in attendance at the Camerata Pacifica’s monthly performance at The Huntington in San Marino, as well as other intimate venues in the Pasadena area.

Reading Partners

“Our mission is to help children become lifelong readers by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction with measurable results.”

We are pleased to be working with Reading Partners in Pasadena. You can find Tim weekly at Henry W. Longfellow Elementary School, making a difference in the lives of young children who struggle with reading.

St. Francis High School

“Enriching the mind and heart, strengthening respect through service and humility, creating brotherhood, and envisioning men of virtue and peace.”

Stratz & Company is a long-time sponsor of St. Francis High School, the St. Francis High School Alumni Golf Tournament, and the St. Francis High School Mountain Mike Team. In addition to being an alumnus and a proud parent, Tim serves on the Board of Directors. Tim is also a student-and-faculty-favorite presenter at the school’s biennial Career Day. Charlotte has contributed in several capacities, including co-President of the Mothers’ Guild, and is currently serving in her eleventh consecutive year (one to go!) at the all-boys high school.

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

"Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, a Catholic, Dominican, independent, college-preparatory, day and boarding school, educates young women for a life of faith, integrity, and truth.”

Stratz & Company is a proud sponsor of the Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy Golf Tournament. You can find Charlotte “on the hill” for the monthly spiritual reflection group with Sr. Carolyn and the sisterhood.

Professional Child Development Associates

"PCDA improves the lives of children and young adults who have autism or other developmental challenges, through leadership in family-centered, multidisciplinary services and professional training."

We believe that all children have gifts and glitches, and we honor each child's potential for joy and productivity. Stratz & Company is pleased to support Professional Child Development Associates in its mission to transform the lives of children with autism.

Verbum Dei High School

“Verbum Dei High School is a Catholic, Jesuit, college and career preparatory complemented by our corporate internship program, serving young men of Watts and the surrounding communities who are economically and academically underserved. We develop self-confident gentlemen who are intellectually motivated, spiritually rooted, contemplative, and courageous in their pursuit of a more humane and just world.”

We believe that education provides an opportunity to demonstrate equality, to practice social justice, and to celebrate compassion and creativity. Stratz & Company is proud to sponsor Verbum Dei High School.