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Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent

May 25, 2018

We spent the morning in support of an organization we believe in, with colleagues we admire, being inspired by kids who have grown from reluctant to enthusiastic readers. What better way to begin the day?

We believe in the power of literacy to bring a future with possibilities. Reading Partners provides one-on-one tutoring, matching volunteers with emerging readers from kindergarten to fourth grade in order to help the children achieve a reading ability at grade level. This program creates lifelong learners, increases graduation rates, reduces arrests and teen pregnancies. It’s an investment that demonstrates the potential of one relationship to transform a life. Plus, it’s fun.

Tim has just completed his second year as a volunteer with Reading Partners, bringing his trademark combination of humor and proficiency to the classroom, and he is already looking forward to the next school year. Tim grants his students the same undivided attention that he gives to clients. For that hour each week, his priority is to impact the life of a child. It is time well spent.

Reading Partners Works. “Reading Partners builds a partnership with teachers, parents, and community volunteers to provide students the support they need to succeed. By providing volunteer tutors research-based, structured lesson plans designed to focus on the individual needs of our students, Reading Partners is helping students become strong, confident readers with a passion for learning.”

A heartfelt thank you to our friends and colleagues who joined us for this inspiring morning (in photograph from left to right, front row then back row):

Kathy Momii, Chief Financial Officer & Founding Member, One Voice.

Suzanne Patrick-Lawrence, President & CEO, Advisor Business Solutions.

Annie (from Americorps) with Ferdinand. Read to Succeed.

Tom Grace, Marketing Director, Lucas + Horsfall.

Stuart Chant, Sales, Growth and Distribution Strategist, Ebernoe + Mann.

John Thompson, Branch Manager/Loan Consultant, Caliber Home Loans.


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