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Summer Dreaming

Summer Dreaming

July 23, 2020

I’m thinking about Christmas in July.

It’s hot and quiet and very unlike Christmas here in Southern California. A spirited snowball fight would be a welcome distraction.

I know a family who – in years past – had taken their family portrait for the annual holiday card in July, because it was an easier time to gather the extended family. I had been planning to take ours at a graduation in May. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. It is a challenge, to be sure, to cultivate hope at a time when so much has been taken away.

Our two college boys still at home on the #worstspringbreakever are anxious to head back to school. So far, both universities are planning to conduct some variation of in-person education in the fall, and our young men are feeling optimistic. There is something about the stance of looking forward that brings energy to the current moment.

It can be difficult to imagine a future when we feel stuck in a stand-still. And yet, there is real power in the small, intentional efforts toward something bigger. Like the habit of tucking money into a savings account every week or a daily walk, each consistent practice makes a difference. Georgia Representative John Lewis imagined a more equitable future and then took the steps daily in order to bring the beloved community into existence. Good trouble, he called it. Even as we mourn his passing, we draw strength from his example, united in hope and motivated to act.

We are half-way through the year, as unlikely as that might seem. July is an opportune time to pause, re-group and trust that dedicated effort has an impact. Cultivating joy makes a difference not just in the outcome but along the way, which is, a friend points out to me, the only time we have.

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