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No Sunday Night Blues Here

No Sunday Night Blues Here

July 14, 2017

Overheard at Stratz Financial: “I don’t think everybody else likes Mondays as much as I do.”

Mondays? Who likes them?
Who greets Mondays with a grin?
Who looks forward to the work week?
Who gets up with the birds (and the St. Francis High School football team) to embrace a new week with his positive energy and work ethic?

If you know Tim, he is a morning guy. Smile on his face, coffee in hand, he welcomes the day’s opportunities with his sleeves rolled up and his trademark sense of humor. He loves what he does. When he guides clients through their financial questions and empowers them to make sound decisions, it’s a good day. Even on Monday.

Grab your cup of coffee and pick up the phone. Tim will be ready to help you. Especially on Monday.